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If at first you don’t succeed, see if the loser gets anything.

posted 1 month ago

Yesterday, Obama came to California to address the drought problem affecting California farmers (and everyone who eats our fruits and vegetables all over the world). He said to help solve this problem he is going to have the government give lots of money to the farmers by offering $100 million in livestock disaster assistance to help for those struggling to cover things like rising feed costs. He also promised to fund conservation efforts, fund food banks and summer lunch programs in anticipation of a severe loss of labor work.

Now many people think that is great and all, but I think Obama is missing the big picture. By giving farmers money, he is basically just putting a band-aid on a gash that really needs stitches. It will help for a little bit, but it does not solve the problem. 

Everyone involved in agriculture is affected by this drought and by giving this money just to farmers, it does not help everyone. Instead of giving farmers money, I think what farmers really want is water so they can continue their business and feed the world. 

Michelle Obama has a whole campaign to get kids fit and healthy. If she wants kids to eat healthy, then shouldn’t they give Californian farmers water to grow their crops so millions of people all over the world can eat healthy? 

I just hope that somehow a miracle happens, and they pass legislation to get California farmer’s water because this problem has been going on way too long. Thanks Obama for giving farmer’s money, but honestly that isn’t going to help that much. Not everyone wants a nanny state who just gives out free money. Some people actually want to work for their money, and they need water to work. 

posted 2 months ago

In loving memory of Taylor Swift’s long hair 


I’ve found that throughout my life there have been celebrities that come and go. I remember the good old days when I was so excited to watch the newest episode of Hannah Montana. I loved Miley and her music. A few years later, I heard about this 17 year old named Taylor Swift. Her music really…


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